Inside Country Visa Change
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UAE Inside Country Visa Change without Exit
For Tourists already in the country and wish to stay more by extending their stay without leaving the country , they can opt for an inside the country application.We can also provide Travel Health Insurance with Covid-19 cover,but that is optional service.
Types of Inside Country Visa available

30 days visa Dubai
30 days visa Abu Dhabi
90 days visa Dubai
90 days visa Abu Dhabi
30 days multiple entry Dubai
90 days multiple entry Dubai
Who can avail this Service
Tourist on Visa on Arrival
Tourist on Tourist Visa
Residents on Cancelled Residence
Documents required
  1. Passport Copy
  2. Passport size picture
  3. Current tourist visa copy or cancelled residence copy (this is not required for visa on arrival tourists
After completion of the process you will get a New Approved Dubai Visa copy with Change Status
Additional Information
  • Passport should be valid 6 months (180 days) or more
  • Visa is applied per passport basis
  • Normal processing time is 2-3 working days
  • Express Visa application option is available for those who wish to apply urgent 
What is Change Status?

Change Status means deactivating old visa & activation of new approved visa.
How Many times can we keep doing an inside the country visa?

No limit , you can continuosly apply this visa after expiry and continue staying in the country legally.
Which Emirates do this?
Dubai & Abu Dhabi are popularly doing this process.



Important information

Visa approval/disapproval is subject to immigration
Time taken to review is subject to immigration
In case of rejection reason of rejection will be shared
Visa Fees is non-refundable


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