Limousine Ride
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Limousine Ride
Looking for a reliable Limousine services in Dubai for city ride or birthday parties? Now hire private Limousine with chauffeur. Experience the high life and be set up to be excited through an elegant Limousine Dubai City Tour. The limousine amenities, prevalence and its specific exclusivity make Jashan Tourism Limousine Dubai City Tour the most wanted regal auto service in Dubai. You have an option to pick the VIP accommodation while renting limousine autos. Experience the royalty, unwind, sir back and enjoy the ride with Jashan Tourism Limousine's friendly and bilingual chauffeur who will attend to all your needs during the Dubai City Tour.
Limousine Services in Dubai for City Ride and Birthday
If it's your first time to sit in and had no experience of exploring Dubai while on board a luxury limousine vehicle, then why not pre-book a fun tour package and venture to every part of the Dubai city with the Jashan Tourism Limousine Rental Service. They can provide the most convenient limousine that has a modern features, innovative design, and genuine leather sofa seating, exceptional standing space alongside the excellent amenities to indulge inside. Create lasting memories as you cruise with your friends all throughout the most visited parts of Dubai.The tourist’s sites that are covered on this particular ride are The Palm Atlantis Motels, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Marina, alongside the Jumeirah Island. These are the specific structures along with the local destinations in the urban city. The other tourist attractions that the Jashan Tourism Limousine passes by are at the world's tallest tower, Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Mosque and the widely visited Dubai Creek.

Facilities Of Jashan Tourism Limousine Dubai City Tour
Can accommodate a maximum of eight passengers

Authentic all leather interior
Starlit mirror roof
Optical lights in changing colors
Bose Surround Sound System
Temperature Control with upgraded cooling and heating alternatives
Double privacy partition windows
All tinted windows
Extra Amenities:
Free Smartphone or Android Phone Use
Two way Intercom feature
Completely stocked beverage bar
A Widescreen LED TV
DVD/CD/FM/IPod/USB Enabled Stereo
Take and Drop pick up points on designated areas.
The most interesting part of the Jashan Tourism Limousine ride is the 'take and drop' feature offered in their fleet of limousines. The chauffeur can likewise drop you at some other spots if you wish to. In an Jashan Tourism Limousine ride in Dubai City, the limousine can accommodate a maximum number of eight passengers. When in Dubai, why not feel illustrious with your city tour and book an Jashan Tourism Limousine tour that you will not only enjoy, but proudly share with your friends too.
Prices are per hour Basis guest can book for as many hours they like

Dubai Booking Office ✆+97142698986



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