Dubai Tourist Visa Extension
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Dubai Tourist Visa Extension
Good News for all travelers to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.Since last quarter of 2018 the Dubai Government has initiated the visa extension service for all the Tourist visiting the country.Earlier the visitors needed to exit the country after completion of their visa period and re-enter on a new tourist visa if they wanted to stay a bit longer in the country.With this new service the visitors no longer need to exit the country and can avail the visa extension within the country.We can also extend the travel health insurance that includes Covid-19 cover.
Service Details
The Visa Extension can be availed two times Total for a period of 60 days.

When to Apply for the Extension
Extension should be applied atleast 3-4 days before visa expiry
Dubai Booking Office ✆+97142698986



Important information

✈Visa approval/disapproval is subject to immigration
✈Time taken to review is subject to immigration
✈In case of rejection reason of rejection will be shared
✈Visa Fees is non-refundable


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