Chillout Ice Lounge
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Chill Out Lounge
Chill Out, a Sharaf Group venture, is the first ice lounge in the Middle East and has been in operation since June 2007.Located inside Times Square Center Chillout Ice Lounge offers a unique and unparalleled experience both for residents and visitors in Dubai and has become one of the definitive landmarks in the region.

It is a place which is spell binding with its ice sculptures, seating arrangement, illuminated interiors, all at a temperature of minus six degrees.


Chill Out has a lobby and a lounge area which are separated by the buffer zone. Once in the lobby, visitorsare given thermal gear to keep themselves warm. It comprises of a hooded parka (a heavy jacket), dispos-able woolen gloves & a pair of shoes if required. Visitors are advised to spend a few minutes in the bufferzone to get acclimatized. The temperature in the buffer zone is set at 5 degrees Celsius which gives thebody time to adjust to the low temperature in the dining area.

Chillout combines the novelty of sub zero temperatures with a unique interior design. It is a technological innovation in refrigeration, lighting and architecture. From an architectural point of view, Chillout is an interesting combination of ice, glass & steel. The diffused lighting changes its colours at certain intervals and it filters through crystal clear blocks of ice, filling them with low-lux hues of varying patterns, making the moment freeze in its ambience. All these elements have been intelligently composed to create one of the best ice lounges in the world which gives you a reason to get closer.


The lounge serves hot soups, barbecues, sandwiches, juices, hot chocolates, cappuccino, tea, apart from a variety of deserts & mocktails making it the first of its kind in the world to serve hot food & beverage.

Admission to the Chillout Ice Lounge

Use of thermal clothing
Welcome drink (Hot chocolate or Tea in Ice glasses)

Dubai Booking Office ✆+97142698986



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