Apply 30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Tourist Visa
ID: SQ1538395015
30 nights


30 days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa with Travel/Medical Insurance (includes covid-19 cover)

There are many Tourist who travel to and fro from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates multiple times in short period.For such tourist Dubai has introduced the multiple entry 30 days or one month tourist visa.Now with one multiple visa tourist can enter and exit multiple times within 30 days and no need to apply visa each time they exit and wish to re-enter.This visa type is very popular among GCC residents and frequent travellers. 



Important information

• Additional requirements depend upon nature of application and document evaluation.
• Visa approval or disapproval is at the sole discretion of UAE immigration authorities only.
• Time taken to review visa application is at the discretion of UAE immigration authorities.
• In case of rejection reason of rejection will be shared with Applicant subject to Immigration.
• Visa Fees is non-refundable in all cases.


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