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30 days Dubai Visa with Travel/Medical Insurance (includes covid-19 cover)
The 30 days Dubai Visa also known as the one month tourist visa is a very popular tourist visa type for travel to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.This Visa also carries a 10 day grace period offered by immigration.Many UAE residents invite their parents,inlaws,family or friends for a one month or 30 days visit.A one month visit is just perfect and tourist have time to have their heart fill of joys that Dubai has to offer and experience the wonderful UAE attractions.The visa document is valid for 60 days to enter.The visa comes along with a Travel Health Insurance which includes Covid-19 cover.
30 days Dubai Visa Application Documents  
  • Clear Scan of passport
  • Passport Size Picture
Additional Information
  • Passport should be valid for 6 months (180 days) or more
  • Visa is applied per passport basis so every passport need to apply visa 
  • Check with our team if a Visa Message or a Ok to Board is required before travel
  • Express Visa application option is available for those who wish to travel urgently or in an emergency situation 
Travel Information
  • Dubai visa is EVISA and just print out and travel
  • Insurance will be provided which covers Covid-19 (T&C Apply)
  • Check with our team if a Visa Message or a Ok to Board is required before travel
  • 30 days Dubai visa is valid to enter and exit from any of Seven Emirates of the UAE



Important information

Visa approval/disapproval is subject to immigration
Time taken to review is subject to immigration
In case of rejection reason of rejection will be shared
Visa Fees is non-refundable


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