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The United States of America has become a very popular travel destination with people from all over the world. Cities like New York have become financial centers, Washington DC which is the capital and the seat of power, Los Angeles which is popular for being a film making hub, and Las Vegas which is one of the biggest tourist attractions the northern hemisphere has to offer. But ever since the country was witness to terror attacks of a large scale, it has been alert about selecting which people they will allow to enter the country, and who to stop. As a result, Visa norms for the United States have become stringent, making rejections more common than before. But, you need not worry. We offer our expertise in what to do and what not to do while applying for an US Visa. We shall help you all along the way, so that your chance at success is highest.

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Given below are the basic instructions you need to pay heed to while applying for a Visa to the USA.

1) You need to carry your original Passport with you, along with a copy. The Passport has to be valid for a minimum of 3 months from your scheduled date of return.
2) You need to have your original UAE Visa with you, along with a copy of the same. This Visa needs to be valid for a minimum of 3 months from your date of return.
3) You need to carry 2 passport sized photographs, taken against a white background.
4) You need to submit a copy of your previous US Visa, if you have visited the United States before.
5) You need to submit a copy of your bank statement for the past six months, as proof of your financial standing.
6) You need to hold an NOC from the company or employer sending you, in case it is an official trip, along with your designation, monthly salary and your date of commencement of employment.
7) You need to furnish your return flight tickets as well as your hotel reservations for the duration of your stay in the country.

Some important things to keep in mind:-

  • The processing of your Visa can take upto 15-20 working days, and completely depends upon the working of the consulate.
  • Make sure you are carrying all your documents when you go in for your Visa interview.
  • You need to furnish additional documents if need be, which may be other than the ones specified in our instructions above.
  • In the case of rejection of your Visa application by the consulate, no refunds of Visa processing fee and service fee shall be applicable.



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