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This HOW TO is a simple guide to the process of filling out an application for tourist Visa to Singapore from Dubai. Make sure you fulfill the requirements as you go through the document. It is to be noted that the onus of granting a Visa lies with the embassy, and we are nowhere involved in the process of Visa processing. However we can assist you to get your Visa smoothly.  But, in case of any queries and doubts, we will be happy to help you out.

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Requirements :-

1) You need to have the 14-A application with all the fields properly filled with relevant details, and signed in all the required places, by the applicant.
2) You have to carry your original Passport as well as a copy for submission.
3) You need to display your Visa page and also submit a copy of the same.
4) You need to submit three recently taken passport sized photographs, taken against a white background.
5) Also required is an NOC letter from your sponsor from Singapore, or the company who is sponsoring your Visa.
6) You need to submit a copy of your bank statement for the last three months.
7) You have to display proof of hotel reservations made for your stay while in Singapore, as well as your return ticket.

Some things that are important to remember:-

  • The processing of your Visa may take upto 7-10 working days.
  • It is advisable that you submit an application for your Visa about 30 days before your date of travel to Singapore.
  • It is to be noted that in the event that your Visa application is rejected, there shall be no refund of any charges paid towards the application.

Grant of Visa and its possession alone do not necessarily grant entry into Singapore. At the airport entry point, you need to furnish proof of fulfilling all entry requirements, like holding a passport that still has 6 months of validity left, proof of sufficient funds to be able to sponsor your stay in Singapore for the designated period, and possession of a return ticket back home.

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