Destinations: 14 days dubai tourist visa


14 days dubai tourist visa


14 Days Visa- Online Visa application for Dubai (UAE) with easy documentation.

Time : 3 to 4 working days
AED 340 / USD 93
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With passport scan copy & passport sized photos must be attached and send via email.



Dubai is one of the most loved tourist countries in the world. Being adorned with a lot of beautiful must visit places; it is one of the popular tourist destinations. To visit Dubai, one needs to follow all the rules and requirements including an application for the tourist visa, your passport, etc. Depending upon the time span of your holiday to Dubai; you have different options to apply for the tourist visa. The country offers 30 Days tourist visa, 90 Days visa or even 6 month visit visa. Moreover, for people in business, who require travelling to Dubai for business purposes frequently are offered the multiple entry 6 month visa.

Apply for Dubai tourist visa online

Applications can be made through the online on our website. While preparing an application, you are expected to make a small amount of fee payment. You can make this payment of fee online. However, if you are eligible and selected for the tourist visa, you have to pay for the visa fee online and you successfully obtain your tourist visa. There are separate fee structures for each visa. Our website provides you with the list of Dubai tourist visa fee requirements depending upon what visa type you choose. One can expect to wait for 2-3 working days for the application process.

How to apply

1. In order to successfully apply for Dubai tourist visa, you require filling the application form completely.

2. Review the form. It is imperative that you have filled all your information correctly else there are huge chances of the application being rejected. Check your name, details, passport information, email id, address, date of birth, etc. are filled correctly.

3. Upload documents. You will be asked to upload necessary documents like your photograph and other information to cross check the information you have filled in the application.

4. Make payment. In order to get your application processed, you are required to pay a processing fee. The price varies from country to country.

5. You will receive a confirmation of visa in some days, and here you are ready to fly to Dubai.

Final word

Making application for Dubai tourist visa is simple and entirely online. One simply needs to fill up the form correctly with the required documents and make the fee payment online. One does not oblige to regularly visiting the visa office to get their application approval checked. So plan out your holiday to Dubai and visit all the Dubai attractions, enjoy the history and culture of Dubai and have a good time at best Dubai hotels.